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LOCCITANE Angelica Hydra Vital Gel
For: Women, Type: HVG, Size: 50 ml
Preis: 19.40 EUR
Dulux A Nagyvilág színei Mézes halva - 5 L
Dulux Colours of the World™ offers palettes of complementary colours inspired by the world's most beautiful places, enabling you to create the style you've always dreamed of. Coverage: 14 m2/L. Shades: 56
Preis: 18.49 EUR
Looking for a unit for your new TV? 'AFTEN' is the perfect choice for many medium-sized TV models. It features a range of shelves, where you can store your audiovisual equipment in style. The holes in the rear of the unit are designed to help you keep unsightly cables tidied away – both practical and attractive. This unit has everything you need to create a stylish TV corner!
Preis: 94.11 EUR
Bestron DTO3091 Toaster
Bestron DTO3091 Toaster
Preis: 31.36 EUR
Kaviczky Firming body balm PFTM ROSEMARY
A 500ml bottle Rich Conditioner contains only natural herbal raw összetevőket- rosemary, peppermint . The texture is silky soft, balmy trend . Compensate for the slowing of the skin 's vital functions . You ...
Preis: 15.71 EUR
DAVIDOFF Cool Water Woman Sea Rose
For: Woman Type: EDT Size: 30
Preis: 11.66 EUR
PUMA Green
For: Man Type: EDT Size: 90
Preis: 13.04 EUR
Crystal weather station
Plastic weather station featuring a calendar with weekday display in 7 languages, 12/24 hours clock with dual alarm with snooze, LED weather forecast, indoor temperature in C and F (2 Pin European plug only). Batteries and adapter included. 4761-01 - black Artical size : 17,3 × 10 × 4 cm
Preis: 18.62 EUR

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Iron syrup for children
Curative product not qualified as medicament that is applicable as dietarycomplement (iron additive) with sweetener. Its effect is proved by literature.What is its active agent?Iron (III.) ammonium-citrateWhat else does the product contain?The product contains ion-changed water, sorbite as sweetener, raspberryaroma, natural apple aroma as auxiliary material.When is it recommended to apply the product?Its application is suggested in case of insufficient iron ingestion as tooshort diet, unilaterally alimentation.Increased iron demand like in case of girls in conceptional age .Lose of blood after accident, operation to complete the higher iron necesity.When is the product not allowed to be used?- The application of the product is contra-indicated in case of oversensitivityto the active agent.What do you need to know before starting the application?The additive cannot substitute the assorted well-balanced alimentation!Can the product be used with other medicines?Interaction wit
Preis: 3.37 EUR
Massage cream with Garden sage (Salvia officinalis)
The product contains the following medicinal : plants: Garden sage (Salvia officinalis), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Arnica (Arnica montana) German Chamomille (Matricaria chamomilla) and Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris). Their active ingredients helps to ease the upright spasmodic and rigid muscular system. Also helps in relaxing of tired parts of body.The cream is able to warm up the muscular system before sporting activity and in relaxing after as well. 200 ml
Preis: 3.34 EUR
Huminiqum capsules 120 PCS
HUMINIQUM CAPSULES IS A FOOD SUPPLEMENT PRODUCT CONTAINING MINERALS, MICRONUTRIENTS, TRACE ELEMENTS, VITAMIN-C, FULVIC ACID, HUMIC ACID AND MILK THISTLE EXTRACT Recommended daily dose for adults 2-4 capsulesWe recommend taking 1-2 capsules in mornings and evenings.Recommended daily dose for children (4-10 years): 1 capsulesVitamin-C and Iron (Fe) and Copper (Cu) and selenium (Se): Contributes to the normal function of the immune systemZinc(Zn) and Iodine (I): Contributes to the normal cognitive fu
Preis: 11.45 EUR
Kaviczky Soothing Night Cream ™ PF GRAPE SEED OIL
50ml tube of special care for sensitive skin , which calms the weakened skin , nourishes , softens and protects during the night. Ideal for normal / sensitive skin . Grape seed oil , horse chestnut and ...
Preis: 29.39 EUR
Preis: 7.23 EUR
11256500 - Bistro cutting board with bread knife
Bistro cutting board with bread knife.Cutting board with integrated bread knife is ideal for cutting bread. The horizontal open pattern allows crumbs to fall through to the tray below, keeping your workspace or dinner table crumb-free. Presented in a Paul Bocuse gift box. Exclusive design.Bamboo, stainless steel and ABS.

Artical size : 38 × 25 × 3,5 cm
Preis: 27.05 EUR
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1. Auto charging, Suction power changeable, route direction2. Dirt preceiviing 3. Large dustbin capacity: 0.5 L4. Mini body: 6 cm height only.5. Anti collision: 7 groups of electronic eyes6. Dust anti-falling, Anti - falling7. Set working time : A. working only 20 mins. B. Working till power off.8. Multi cleaning modes: Auto, Spot, Wall-F walking9. Hepa filter10. Double side brush11. Alarm function; much flexible in face of troble12. Touch screen, Low noise < 55 Db.13. Wet mopping.
Warranty: 1 year.
Preis: 75.97 EUR
Preis: 20.94 EUR

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